The college is accredited with Mining Qualification Authority(MQA) under the Department of Education, has Diamond Licence with South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator under the Department of Minerals Resources and ISO 9001 – 9008 Certified with Alpha Certification Services.


In 2007 AFRICAN MINIRALS COLLEGE was founded to offer Diamond Training and Cut and Polishing within Africa:

  • Be the leaders in diamond processing/polishing, diamond cutting and polishing.
  • Transfer the skills of the business to the youth and the disadvantaged.
  • Break into the national markets.

AFRICAN MINERALS COLLEGE aims to promote the government’s objectives of economic development:

  • Rising living standards by job creation, minerals beneficiation and skills development.
  • Strive for above average service delivery.
  • Contribute towards the social well-being of the communities.
  • Empower previously disadvantaged individuals especially young people through knowledge, skills employment, etc.
  • Comply with ISO 9001 -2008 and Mining Qualification Authority and South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator for quality assurance.
Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the business are as follows:

  • To focus on providing skills and knowledge to the Batswana youths and the disadvantaged.
  • To manufacture and sell diamonds.
  • Marketing: Target the market with a need and budget for our training and products and let them know where to find the right training and products; Target the right major candidates to become diamond dealers; polishers producer, and those who are looking for jobs in the Diamond world; Target neighbouring states markets.
  • Fees: Maintain fees and prices position as a premier diamond supplier, while having no plans for significant short-term changes in standard pricing; Give good discount fees and prices per bulk or rate of purchases by each candidate or customer.
  • Sales: Focus first on maintaining the identity in Education and Training, diamond trading houses, laboratories, jewelleries and mines.
  • Production: Register candidates anytime and spread them throughout the year; Do rapid collection of diamonds to keep in stock for urgent demand and maintain low costs, specific to major target market for long-term.

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